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Closeup of Uzzi's Cookies pink gift box with a black ribbon bow tied on it.

My Story

A Full Circle Moment

I was five years old when I first moved here from India.

I was also five years old when I made my first cookie. 

I had my little E-Z bake oven and in that moment I was truly happy. 

Life has a funny way of making you forget the things that bring you joy, 

because we have a funny way of complicating life so that we forget.

I worked in some of the best Michelin starred restaurants for many years.

Since my personal passion was cooking, it was the ideal place for learning.

And I wanted to learn the best techniques, highest quality ingredients

and how to bring out the most flavor in a dish.

But I was left feeling unfulfilled.  Why?

Because restaurants were always just an

ends to justify some other dream.

I compartmentalized my passion for cooking as just a hobby.

I used restaurants as a way to make a living

so I could achieve something else I deemed "greater".


Who knew it would take a Pandemic to

bring me my beautiful Ah-Ha moment. 

You know when you realize that everything you have

done in your life had a part in realizing your true purpose?    


For me it was remembering that five year old girl with her E-Z bake oven. 

That's when I realized I had come full circle.

I rediscovered that part of myself that made me

feel at peace and grounded in who I was.

The real reason I started working in restaurants in the first place.


I Love to cook. I Love to bake. That is how I best express my Love.


Our cookies are Simply from my heart to yours. 

And I truly hope they are something that can bring you

or your loved ones some joy. 

Or even better, that you enjoy them together.

Because with Uzzi's Cookies

the number one ingredient in all of our cookies will always be Love.

Uzma Majid
Founder of Uzzi's Cookies

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